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Some words from happy users.
Easy to integrate
NewWayService was easy to integrate into our service department. We have 30 techs and 500 stores to track. In our opinion, NewWayService gets an A+.
Dale from Market Refrigeration Specialists Inc., USA
Affordable for small businesses
You rock! NewWaySERVICE is way above the maintenance work order systems that are out there. Moreover, it is affordable for small businesses.
Jennifer from Priority Property Management, USA
Higher quality
The Work Order system is the best I've seen after reviewing dozens of Service Management software products.
Jeff from Team Networks, USA

Some features of NewWaySERVICE
Track your work orders easily
NewWaySERVICE allows you to track and manage your work orders no matter your field of activity. Indeed, NewWaySERVICE allows you to manage any types of requests such as repair, maintenance, support or information requests. If you wish, you can also activate the customer portal to allow your customers to create work orders by themselves.
Plan your technician appointments
NewWaySERVICE allows you to setup the work schedule of each of your technicians. When creating a work order, an appointment will be automatically created according to your technician work schedule. You can also use the calendar of appointments to move or edit appointments as needed.
Register equipment
Our service management software allows you to register an equipment or serial number to a customer or to your own enterprise. By doing this, you can easily keep track of work performed on this specific equipment. You can also create maintenance schedules for it.
Create maintenance schedules
You can easily manage your recurring tasks by creating maintenance schedules on your equipment. For example, if an equipment requires a specific maintenance every 3 months, you can create a maintenance schedule and NewWaySERVICE will automatically generate a work order for this equipment every 3 months.
Create your own custom fields
You need a specific field for your enterprise, just create it. NewWaySERVICE allows you to create unlimited custom fields so you can enter and keep any information you want in the application.
Capture customer signature
No more paper! NewWaySERVICE allows you to capture your customer signature. Your customer can sign directly on the touch screen of your mobile device or using the mouse of your computer.
Access from your mobile device
NewWaySERVICE allows your technicians to access the software using their mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and more. In fact, if your mobile device is equipped with a modern browser, you will be able to access the software. The mobile interface is a lot simpler and allows a technician to consult his service requests, enter time worked, parts used as well as terminate a service request.

Pricing information
What's included in the 45-day trial?
ALL FEATURES ARE INCLUDED. There is no limitation all during your free trial period.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?
NO. The trial period is free. If you want to continue to use NewWaySERVICE beyond the trial period, then you will need to subscribe. Try-it now.

How to subscribe?
Just login to your account and use the "Subscription" option from the "Options" menu.
per technician / per month *
*For the standard version of NewWaySERVICE. Prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.
More info
What's included?
All is included. There is no hidden fee. With a subscription, you can use and access NewWaySERVICE anywhere anytime. Only a web browser and an Internet connection is required to access the application. Free and courteous technical support is also included. There is no additionnal service contract to buy.

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About NewWaySERVICE News and Information
NewWaySERVICE is an online application (SaaS) developed and managed by OroLogic Inc. Established in 1996, OroLogic Inc. is a Canadian company specialized in the development of management software. The range of products offered are of the highest quality, to insure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Since 1999, OroLogic has increased its market all over the world with its secure online store. Now used worldwide, our software have an excellent reputation. The speed and quality of our presales and postsales service is also very appreciated, and often mentioned by our customers.

NewWaySERVICE is a perfect solution for service departments, repair shops and technicians working in the field. Along the years, NewWaySERVICE has also proven to be a top choice for facilities management, building maintenance, fleet management, equipment maintenance, property management, IT management and more.
When needed, technicians can now be restricted to the mobile view only. This is an easy way to limit user access to work orders only. ()
An API (Application Programming Interface) is included and allows to exchange data between NewWaySERVICE and other software. ()
Several workorder templates (when printing) are included. We can also develop customized templates if needed. Just ask us about this. ()
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