NewWaySERVICE - Work order saas software

Work order management application

Easily track your customer service requests.

NewWaySERVICE allows you to track and manage your work orders no matter your field of activity. In effect, NewWaySERVICE allows you to manage any types of requests such as repair, maintenance, support or information requests.

Available 24/7, no installation is required on your side; all you need to use NewWaySERVICE is an internet connection.

Workorder management application

Some features of NewWaySERVICE

100% Web and 100% Responsive : NewWaySERVICE is a cloud-based web application. With a 100% responsive user interface, the application works on any device, no matter the screen size and orientation. You can access the application using a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, making NewWaySERVICE the ideal solution for both workshop and field technicians.
Complete follow-up of work orders : Track each of your work orders using your own personalized statuses. Add as much information as you need using the user defined fields. Also track the work performed, hours worked by your technicians or billable hours to your customers.
Appointment schedules : Easily plan your technicians' appointments using "drag and drop". Even better: Just indicate the work schedules of your technicians so that NewWaySERVICE automatically suggests appointments during working hours. Access the tab "Map" (Google Maps®) to see the current location of your technicians or customers.
Capture customer signature : Have your customer sign the work order simply using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. So, no more paper!
Inventory : NewWaySERVICE automatically adjusts your inventory when technicians use parts on work orders. NewWaySERVICE also allows you to manage orders or parts via the Purchase Orders module.
Equipment and maintenance : Manage your customers' equipment or schedule preventive maintenance on them.
Attach documents : Add documents of any kind whether they are photos, drawings, pdf or others to your work orders or directly to customer files, equipment files, etc.
Email notifications : Automatically send an email when a work order changes status or remains unchanged for a certain amount of time.
Customer Portal : Give your customers access to your customized Customer Portal to enter or consult their work orders.

Free trial

You can create an account then use NewWaySERVICE absolutely free for a 45 days trial period. There is no limitation to the software during the trial period.

After having evaluated NewWaySERVICE, if you want to continue to use it, you can subscribe for as low as 33$ CAD per technician per month or less!

Refer to section Pricing at for more details.

Documentation and support

Connect to your account then access the section Help and support to consult latest documentation available.

As needed, get also technical assistance to configure or use NewWaySERVICE. This assistance is absolutely free and there is no extra support or service or maintenance contract to pay. Simply connect to your account then access the section Help and support to contact us.

Latest news and information

You can now synchronize your data with QuickBooks. Just select the Sync with | QuickBooks menu and follow the easy steps. Customers, suppliers, parts and stock quantities can be sync. Even transfer your work orders into invoices to QuickBooks. ()
Several improvements have been implemented in recent weeks in our work order tracking software. For example, display adapts even better than before on small devices like smartphones. ()
Directly from a workorder, with a simple click of the mouse, you can now reassign the customer assigned to an equipment. This is particularly useful when you are renting equipment and that equipment can change customers often. ()
Other improvements have been added recently. For example, in maintenance schedules for your preventive maintenance, you can now force an appointment date and time even if there is no room in the calendar or even not create appointment at all. ()
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