OroTimesheet - Time tracking saas application

Time-tracking application

Easily track time worked by your employees on your projects.

OroTimesheet allows you to keep track of the time your employees spend on each project. It also allows you to manage your timesheets, project costs, expenses, budgets and invoices, as well as to maintain employee time banks.
Project time tracking saas application

Some features of OroTimesheet

100% online : OroTimesheet is a cloud-based web application. You can enter your timesheets in OroTimesheet from a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone. OroTimesheet is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have nothing to install on your side. A simple internet connection is enough to use OroTimesheet.
Manage project costs and billing : In addition to tracking time per project, if needed, OroTimesheet allows you to manage costs and billing. Cost and billing rates can be customized per projet, per employee or using more complex cost and billing rules. OroTimesheet can also manage fixed-rate projects.
Easy setup : A wizard allows you to configure the software in less than 2 minutes. You can even select your logo and it will be automatically displayed on your invoices.
Maintain employee time banks : OroTimesheet allows you to maintain time banks (accumulated time, vacations and sick leave) for each of your employees. In some cases, employees and employers will choose to keep overtime in a bank.
Numerous configurable reports included : The "Quick Reports" option allows you to select a report (a dataset), select the fields to display, select a sort and group order, then define report criteria to get only the data you need. You can save your custom report for future use and even share reports with other users. All reports can be exported in several file formats, including Microsoft Excel and Open Document spreadsheets.
Create your own custom fields : Customizable fields can be defined in most of OroTimesheet’s modules. These user-defined fields are used to enter and manage information specific to your company. User-defined fields can take several forms, including an edit box, a checkbox, a dropdown list, radio buttons, and more.
Timer option : A timer option is also included with OroTimesheet. This option allows employees to record time spent on projects. Then, this time is automatically recorded in your timesheet.

Free trial

Create an account today and start using OroTimesheet absolutely free for 45 days. There is no limitation to the software during the trial period.

After having evaluated OroTimesheet, if you want to continue to use it, you can subscribe for as low as 5.99$ CAD per employee per month, or less!

Refer to the Pricing section at OroTimesheet.com for more details.

Documentation and support

Log in to your account then go to the Help and Support section to consult the latest documentation available.

If needed, you can also receive technical assistance to configure or use OroTimesheet. This assistance is absolutely free and there is no additional support or service contract necessary. Simply log in to your account then go to the Help and support section to contact us.

Latest news and information

You can now see the complete hierarchy of all employees and groups supervised by another employee or group. Very useful for managing supervision rights. In the same vein, from the employee file, you can also see rights inherited from the groups in which the employee is a member. ()
You can now attach documents of all types to your clients, projects, employees and invoices. This is very useful for your project management. Consult the user guide for more info: https://www.orotimesheet.com/documents/user-guide-en.pdf OroTimesheet as well as its documentation are continuously updated. ()
You can connect to OroTimesheet using your Microsoft or Google account. Indeed, OroTimesheet is OpenID Connect compatible. More info at https://openid.net/connect/ ()
Several improvements have been implemented in recent months. For example, display adapts even better than before on small devices like smartphones. ()
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