#FAQ: 10035-EN, Date: 11/03/2008

Does OroTimesheet support "EURO" currency ?

The information in this article applies to :
OroTimesheet 4.x (English)
OroTimesheet 4.x (French)
OroTimesheet 5.x (English)
OroTimesheet 5.x (French)
OroTimesheet 6.x (English)
OroTimesheet 6.x (French)
OroTimesheet 7.x (English)
OroTimesheet 7.x (French)

OroTimesheet supports all currencies available into Windows. If the currency you need is available into your Windows version, it will be available for OroTimesheet. Note that OroTimesheet always uses the default Windows currency.

To change the default Windows currency, from the Windows control panel, select the desired currency from the "Regional Settings" option. Note that the list of currencies available depends on the country currently selected in the "Regional Settings" option. If you selected a country and the currency you are looking for is not available, ask your Windows supplier of directly with Microsoft Corporation to get an update of your Windows version.


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