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When I run OroTimesheet (Windows version) through a WAN or Internet, it can be slow.

The information in this article applies to :
OroTimesheet 5.x (English)
OroTimesheet 5.x (French)
OroTimesheet 6.x (English)
OroTimesheet 6.x (French)
OroTimesheet 7.x (English)
OroTimesheet 7.x (French)

OroTimesheet can run in local area network (LAN) as well as in wide area network (WAN / Internet). However, note that since OroTimesheet is a client/server software, a lot of data can be transferred on your network between the OroTimesheet program and the database. So, if you plan to use OroTimesheet on a WAN and/or Internet, be sure to have a fast enough communication link so that OroTimesheet can run at an acceptable speed or take a look at the section Solution below for other alternatives.

Note that some solutions are available on the market so that you can run client/server software (such as OroTimesheet) on a WAN or Internet with a slower communication link.

In fact, instead of installing OroTimesheet on a computer that itself will access a database located on a remote computer or remote server (through a WAN), you could instead directly connect to the remote computer where is located the database or a computer on the same local network (LAN) and run OroTimesheet (as well as all your other software) from that computer.

For example, you could use software such as Windows Terminal Services, Citrix or other kind of software such as LogMeIn, GoToMyPc, Windows Remote Desktop, Symantec PcAnywhere or VNC to access a computer remotely. Ask your computer reseller for more information about these solutions.

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