#FAQ: 10165-EN, Date: 07/21/2011

How to access, export or import OroTimesheet 7 data?

The information in this article applies to :
OroTimesheet 7.x (English)
OroTimesheet 7.x (French)


Data Import/Export:
Data import and data export options are available from the menu File into OroTimesheet 7. Refer to the document OroTimesheet 7 user's guide included with OroTimesheet 7 for more information.

Exporting reports:
All OroTimesheet 7 reports can be exported in several file formats such as Excel files. Refer to the documents OroTimesheet 7 user's guide and Reports generator for OroTimesheet 7 guide included with OroTimesheet 7 to know how to export reports and/or create reports for data exportation using the reports generator included with OroTimesheet 7.

Data access:
OroTimesheet 7 is using the database Firebird 2.5 to store its data. Firebird is a relational database that can be installed on Windows, Linux, Solaris and other platforms.

Using Firebird with OroTimesheet 7 gives users a great reliability and stability (relational database), a low licensing cost (Firebird is free, only OroTimesheet 7 licenses must be bought) without forgetting that Firebird can be installed on the platform of your choice (Windows, Linux, Solaris and more).

Several application software or programming languages can access Firebird databases natively while other must use other way such as an ODBC driver.

OroTimesheet 7 access the Firebird database natively. No ODBC driver is necessary to OroTimesheet 7 to access the database. On the other hand if you want to access OroTimesheet 7 database from other software or reports generators (For example: Ms Access, Excel, Crystal reports, etc.) and these one don't support Firebird access natively, the best way is to use an ODBC driver for Firebird.

To access the OroTimesheet 7 database from your own custom software, the programming language you currently use can perhaps access Firebird databases natively. If not, you can access the database by using an ODBC driver for Firebird.


To simply import or export OroTimesheet 7 data, the use of the data import/export options available into OroTimesheet 7 is the easiest and recommended way. Also as mentioned above, all reports can be exported in several file formats.

However, if you want to access OroTimesheet 7 database from other applications, an ODBC driver for Firebird must be used (unless you can access database from a software or a programming language which can access Firebird databases natively).

No ODBC driver is included with OroTimesheet 7 since this one does not need it. However several manufacturers developed some that are available for free or at a low cost.

Here are some Web sites of manufacturers of ODBC drivers for Firebird (Note that this list is not exhaustive and is available only on a purely informative basis. OroLogic Inc is not associated to any of the manufacturers enumerated below):

Firebird ODBC Driver => http://www.firebirdsql.org
Easysoft ODBC-Firebird Driver => http://www.easysoft.com

Some hints on the choice and the configuration of an ODBC driver:

- Be sure that the ODBC driver is compatible with Firebird 2.5.

- When you configure a connection using your ODBC driver, ensure that you set the following values for the following parameters:

Client: C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_5\bin\fbclient.dll
Default Character Set: UTF8
SQL Dialect: 3

Here is a configuration example of the driver "Firebird ODBC Driver":



Please note that OroLogic Inc. does not provide any support on ODBC drivers or programming languages used to access OroTimesheet 7 database. Refer to the documentation of your ODBC driver, your programming language or Firebird to know how to configure those to access OroTimesheet 7 database. Also note that accessing OroTimesheet 7 database from a programming language, other software, ODBC drivers or any other ways is at your own risks.

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