#FAQ: 10105-EN, Date: 06/07/2007

The report "List of customers/branches (Summary)" does not display anything.

The information in this article applies to :
NewWayService 3.x (English)
NewWayService 3.x (French)

If you started to use NewWayService 3 before version 3.03, it can happen that the report List of customers/branches (Summary) does not display anything.

Indeed, even if you install the last update of NewWayService 3, this report is not automatically updated. You have to fix this report manually.

Please, follow the procedure below to fix this report:

1- Run the reports generator included with NewWayService 3. (From the Windows Start button, select Programs | NewWayService 3 | Reports Generator).

2- Go in the folder General lists then double-click on the report named List of customers/branches (Summary). You will get in design mode

3- Select the tab Data.

4- From the window of the query named Customers, click on the Search button (the small magnifying glass).

5- At the bottom of the window, in the section Criteria, change the operator of the field Customers.Parent Customer Code from = to Blank then click the OK button.

6- Select the Design tab then select the menu File | Save to save your report.

7- Then, select the menu File | Close to close the report then quit the reports generator.

If you run this report again from NewWayService 3, this report should now print correctly.


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