#FAQ: 10128-EN, Date: 05/22/2009

What is the default technician code and password when I enable the security into NewWayService 4 ?

The information in this article applies to :
NewWayService 4.x (English)
NewWayService 4.x (French)

When you enable the security into NewWayService 4, the next time that you run NewWayService, you must enter a valid technician code and password so that you can access the software.

There is a technician named Administrator that is automatically created into the database. The code of this technician is ADMIN. The default password of this technician is OROLOGIC. So, you just have to enter ADMIN as the technician code and OROLOGIC in the Password box.

Please, note that once connected to the software, we strongly suggest you to change the password of the Administrator technician through the option technicians.


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