#FAQ: 10133-EN, Date: 05/22/2009

When I run NewWayService via Windows Terminal Services or Citrix, NewWayService cannot connect to the database.

The information in this article applies to :
NewWayService 4.x (English)
NewWayService 4.x (French)

When you install NewWayService on a Windows Terminal Services server or Citrix server and NewWayService is configured to access the database in stand alone mode (From the connections manager, the option Connection mode is set to Stand-alone mode), NewWayService runs fine from the server console but cannot access the database when ran from a Terminal Services client or Citrix client.

If you want to run NewWayService from a Terminal Services client or a Citrix client, you need to configure (using the NewWayService 4 Connections manager utility) NewWayService on your server to access the database in Multi-user mode (option Connection mode set to Multi-user mode) instead of in stand-alone mode. You need to do that even if the database is located locally on the server.

You can type localhost as the server name. Note also that you don't need to change the Full path name to the database field.


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